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Nursing Home Litigation

If your loved one is a victim of nursing home neglect, let your voice be heard and take immediate action. Complain to the nurse, supervisor, director of nursing, and up the chain of authority until steps are taken to eliminate the harm. If the condition worsens, instruct the facility to transfer your loved one immediately to a hospital, or remove them yourself. Look into alternate care facilities. You may also contact Adult Protective Services and let them know your concerns.

Once the immediate harm has been removed, contact a nursing home neglect lawyer and schedule a free consultation to learn about your legal rights.

We will Investigate and Document any Neglect

Our approach to nursing home cases includes meeting with former nurses and staff members to help us substantiate any claims of abuse or neglect. We subpoena employee time cards and other records to determine if the facility was adequately staffed at the time of the injury. We also seek to determine whether your loved one’s unique medical needs were properly addressed. Our detailed approach to building a strong claim often prompts insurance companies to make fair settlement offers before a case even gets to trial.

Nursing Homes Need to be Held Accountable

We are committed to pursuing justice for victims of nursing home abuse. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to hold nursing homes accountable for the injuries and fatalities that could have been prevented with proper care. We have a clear understanding of the state and federal laws nursing homes are required to follow to provide a safe environment, and we prepare every case as if it is proceeding to trial. This approach has garnered significant, well deserved compensation for our clients over the past 25 years.

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