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Your Trust was Violated

Nursing Home Negligence

When an elderly or incapacitated person moves into a nursing home, you place a tremendous amount of trust in the facility and its staff.  It is usually one of the most important and difficult choices you have ever faced.  When you finally made that decision, you set out to find a residence that would provide a safe and nurturing environment. You trusted your loved one to the staff of that nursing home, knowing you would not be able to constantly monitor and ensure the level of care that was going to be provided in your absence.

When you learned that this trust was violated, and was told by a representative of the facility, “We just don’t know how it happened…” You felt betrayed and taken advantage of … and rightfully so.  If your loved one was injured or dies due to improper treatment and neglect, that facility needs to take responsibility for its negligence.

Common Causes of Nursing Home Abuse

  • Failure to turn or move immobile residents
  • Failure to bathe residents
  • Failure to supervise residents in baths and showers
  • Failure to monitor nutrition and hydration/malnutrition
  • Failure to use bed rails
  • Failure to supervise residents
  • Failure to train staff properly improper staff-resident ratio
  • Verbal abuse of residents

Injuries Suffered by Residents

When nursing homes are understaffed and fail to follow standard regulations, residents are prone to preventable medical conditions, including:

Bedsores We hold nursing homes accountable for failing to rotate immobile residents every two hours, leading to serious infections that can cause sepsis and even wrongful death.

Dehydration and malnutrition – We will investigate to determine if overworked staff members failed to take the time to help residents eat and drink, so they remain hydrated with proper nutrition.

Burn injuries – We will seek to determine if burn injuries are related to poor supervision at the nursing home, if your loved one was left alone and injured while smoking or sipping a hot beverage.

Back injuries and broken bones – Our law firm will investigate to determine if your loved one was left unattended for a period of time, leading to serious slip-and-fall injuries.  We also pursue aggressive personal injury claims against nursing homes for any injuries stemming from assault or abuse.

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